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Peace Process

Peace Process

The timing of the announcement of a ceasefire by the leadership of the PKK could not have come at a better time for Tigris and its operations in SE Turkey.

Whilst there have been ceasefire agreements in the past, which have not lasted, there is genuine optimism in both the Government and the Kurdish community that this time it is different. Both Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK and the Kurdish community in general and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish PM have been directly involved in negotiations through intermediaries. Ocalan’s ambition for formal rights for the Kurdish people within Turkey does not clash with the PM’s efforts to re-draft Turkey’s constitution and the timing is good for both of them.

The announcement was carefully stage managed by both parties to ensure maximum impact. The wording of the announcement was carefully chosen and unambiguously declared an end to armed hostilities and the opening of a political dialogue. Interestingly it was delivered in both Turkish and Kurdish and for the first time Kurdish flags, and banners proclaiming the PKK were permitted at a major public event.
Of course there are always setbacks in any peace and reconciliation process and small dissident groups who disagree with their leadership will no doubt aim to disrupt it. Nevertheless, Ocalan’s pronouncements carry a lot of influence with the PKK and the Kurdish community in broader terms and it is reasonable to believe that the majority of his supporters will heed his instructions.
What does this mean to Tigris? Well it significantly reduces one of the major risk components in our operations in SE Turkey and opens up areas of interest, which although highly prospective, were deemed to be too dangerous in which to operate.

It means that we can increase the tempo of work at Bingol, which up until now has been constrained by security issues.

It also means that we need to maximise our first – mover advantage as there will no doubt be an influx of international exploration companies renewing their interest in the area.
The timing of this most welcome development couldn’t be better for Tigris and we are looking forward to the exciting possibilities that it opens up in one of the most prospective areas of Turkey.

About Tigris Resources Limited

Tigris is an exploration and development company focused on the search for gold and copper deposits in the highly prospective Tethyan Metallogenic Belt in southeast Turkey.
Tigris’s ‘Comprehensive Development Strategy’ is designed to enable the exploitation of a range of opportunities with the aim of developing a focussed ground acquisition programme. Running concurrently, the components of the strategy integrate Tigris’s ability to acquire ground via tender, greenfield target generation and joint venture partnerships.

Tigris’s board and management team have a proven record in building companies, discovering, acquiring and developing resource in emerging environments, especially along the Tethyan Metallogenic Belt.